Welcome to CI Lumen Industries, the leading supplier of LCD enhancements and LCD monitor solutions for government and industry. Our proprietary, in-house capabilities, notably optical bonding and LED Backlight manufacture, provide sound platforms for supply of a full spectrum of LCD enhancements to LCD displays. These enhancements enable improved luminance, contrast, reliability and performance.  The bonding of optical glass facilitates LCD panels for applications requiring ruggedness, EMI shielding and/or vandal and weather resistant solutions. In house developed LED backlighting capability adds another dimension to our product offering, enabling us to participate in key areas such as night vision (NVIS) enabled monitors, ruggedized displays for industrial and military applications. LED backlighting permits the development of high brightness monitors for outdoor, high ambient light viewing such as is required for digital signs. Recent developments have established CI Lumen as a leading supplier of state-of-the-art digital signage utilizing CI Lumen brand large format, high resolution LCD monitors. Our standard product line is based upon an off-the-shelf selection of complete LCD monitor solutions in various popular sizes and enclosures. Each monitor may be delivered with selectable enhancement options such as anti-glare and anti-reflective and other passive films, touch enabled screens and brightness augmentation to address the most demanding needs. Standard products designed specifically for Medical, Marine, Aerospace, Outdoor, Signage and Avionics applications are also prominently featured. Our displays are available as open frame, panel or complete, value added monitor products with optional NEMA 4 compliant enclosures. Our applications engineering staff is available to help customers choose from standard product offerings, or to help tailor these products to meet custom requirements. ind the right display product for you within … happy hunting. CI, Lumen, LCD, displays, monitors, enhancements, bonding, backlight, aerospace displays, aerospace monitors, airborne displays, airborne monitors, anti-glare etch, anti-reflective film, avionics displays, avionics monitors, brightness enhancement, CI Lumen, cockpit displays, cockpit monitors, commercial displays, commercial monitors, custom controller cards, custom displays, custom monitors, digital sign, digital signage, digital signs, emi suppressed displays, emi suppressed monitors, enhancement films, flat panel displays, flat panel monitors, government displays, government monitors, high resolution displays, high resolution monitors, industrial displays, industrial monitors, large format displays, large format monitors, lcd display enhancements, lcd displays, lcd enhancements, lcd monitor solutions, lcd monitors, led backlight, LED backlight, LED backlit, lumen, marine displays, marine monitors, medical displays, medical monitors, military displays, military monitors, moisture resistant displays, moisture resistant monitors, night vision displays, night vision enabled, night vision monitors, nvis displays, nvis monitors, open frame displays, open frame monitors, optical bonding, outdoor digital sign, outdoor displays, outdoor monitors, outdoor readable displays, outdoor readable monitors, panel pc, passive enhancements, ruggedized construction, ruggedized displays, ruggedized monitors, seat back displays, seat back monitors, sunlight readable display, sunlight readable monitor, teleconferencing displays, teleconferencing monitors, touch enabled displays, touch enabled monitors, touchscreens, turn key displays, turn key monitors, vandal shield, vesa mount displays, vesa mount monitors, video walls, waterproof displays, waterproof monitors.